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Adrian & Anita
spain (salsa)


Adrián and Anita are 6 times World Salsa Champions from Barcelona, Spain. They have won top salsa competitions around the world and can't wait to share their knowledge at the Perth Summer Sensual 2025. 


owen & Eva
Netherlands & Germany (bachata)


Owen and Eva stand as sought-after international Bachata artists, revered for their dynamic Bachata flow style. We are beyond excited to have these two amazing artists joining us at the Perth Summer Sensual 2025 


Alain & Katerina
france (cuban salsa)


Alain Rueda (Cuba) and Katerina Mik (France). This France based couple is a certain eye catcher. His Cuban smoothness, paired with her moves full of attitude are making for the most explosive mix since Nitro and Glycerin. Take their classes at your own peril.

More to be annouced...

Australia (bachata)


Rob has danced, performed and instructed all over the world. His Salsa and Bachata are like milk and honey with superstar moves executed smoothly.
Mica - Originating from Rome and also based in Melbourne, Mica is synonymous with grace and poise in the world of Bachata.
Training and teaching with Carlos and Chloe at the Paradizo dance studio, she has paired her unique elegant style with the dynamic flair of Paradizo to create a beautiful dance concoction.


Australia - salsa dj 


DJ PABB - hailing from Chile and now based in Melbourne (Australia) DJ PABB has become a familiar face in the salsa scene across Australia and beyond.

With a musical journey that began in his teenage years, he has evolved into a multifaceted DJ, musician, podcaster, and the host of 'Salsa Pal Mambo' on

Pabb's deep understanding of what makes a social dance memorable, guides his song selections, ensuring every event is filled with energy and connection.

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