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USA (bachata SINGER)


Brace yourselves for an explosive Perth Summer Sensual festival as we are bringing you, all the way from New York, the world renowned Bachata sensation, JIORY.

He will be entertaining us at the parties of the Perth Summer Sensual 2024 and we cannot wait!!!!!!

With chart topping hits like "Eso es amor" and "Solo son miradas", this native of Republica Dominicana with mellow and smooth demeanor will have you dancing all night long.

With his eyes behind his trademark sunglasses, he lets his smile and silky voice create a beautiful atmosphere at every concert and capture audiences for an encore after encore.

This will be one to remember! Don't miss the opportunity to witness Jiory's electrifying performances.


kiko & Christina
GERMANY & SPAIN (bachata)


Kiko and Christina, this electrifying Bachata duo ignited their passion for Bachata in 2013, teaching workshops and spreading the sensual style. Having met in Palma de Mallorca they relocated to Hamburg in 2014 becoming pioneers of Bachata Sensual in Germany. They organized the first national competition and created the renowned event "Sensual Station - Hamburg."

Kiko and Christina exude positive, mellow energy and sensuality, captivating participants in their workshops and parties that makes you hear "Love is in the Air" in your head. With his moves suave yet precise and sharp like a razor and her styling and sensuality making male and some female hearts stop. They have travelled all over the world spreading their unique Bachata style.

We are over the moon to have them for their first time in Australia.




Rose of Singapore, Queen of Technique, Hard Task Master...
Just a few names to describe this Singapore based power woman.

The youngest champion of the Australia Salsa Solo Competition, this girl's mastery of body movement is unmatched. Moreso, Brenda is passionate about transferring her knowledge onto her students. Her technique breakdowns are second to none and her teaching materials renowned globally.

For Perth Summer Sensual 2024, she will be teaching body movement and technique classes as well as providing a performance course, culminating in team performance at the festival gala night.

Carmine Finelli


This visionary Salsa Mastro embarked on his Latin dance journey in Italy, where he was introduced to the rhythms of Salsa by renowned Cuban teachers.

In New York, he developed a profound passion for Mambo under the mentorship of the one and only Eddie Torres.

Today, Carmine stands as an extraordinary dancer, embodying a fusion of influences and disciplines. His unparalleled style captivates audiences, as he effortlessly weaves together his vast repertoire into a irresistible killer formula, leaving everyone unable to divert their gaze



Carlos Redondo and Chloe Loh are a much beloved Bachata couple that unite his European style and her sexy urban flavour.

Carlos and Chloe are well-known in the World for their unique fusion style and creativity. Their workshops are full of energy and original moves. Their charisma and social dancing skills make them one of the favourite couples for the crowd. While they continue to pursue multiple projects, their main goal is to share impactful art through dancing that can inspire others to do the same.​


katerina Mik
France (afro-cuban salsa)


We are thrilled to announce that our cheeky energizer bunny Katerina Mik is making her triumphant return!


This gorgeous France-based artist is the absolute showstopper. Her profound knowledge of Afro-Cuban culture and Cuban traditional dances, combined with her own style brimming with femininity, attitude, and sensuality, positions her as the unequivocal focal point of every festival.


She embodies Cuban music with every fiber of her being, and we are excited beyond words that she will be joining us to share her extensive expertise of the Afro-Cuban styles at the Perth Summer Sensual in 2024.


kiki & julian
USA / CANADA / AUSTRALIA (salsa & bachata)


Kiki was born in Miami, where Salsa Music and Dance is a part of life. “Dance what you feel” is what her mother always said, so with her mothers words and her fathers musical skills Kiki tore up the local Salsa clubs from a young age. 

Julian - born in Colombia and raised in Canada, Julian was exposed to the best of both worlds. From a young age, Julian was always dancing thanks to his parents. Julian has carried the same motto as his mentors, to find your own flavour, grove and style, to be the best version of you!

Their Bachata and Salsa styles are unique and full of Latino cheekiness. But what will really get you is their endless energy in and out of classroom.



Juan "Papi Juancho" Rando, is the Director of Juan Rando Dance Academy (JRDA) in Perth, Australia’s second longest running vernacular dance studio.

A full time dance professional with a career spanning 25 years, he has extensive background in a variety of styles from ballroom styles to Tango, Salsa and Swing from training and working in Latin America and the USA. 

Instrumental in bringing the styles we all love to Perth, he remains a well respected figure in the national and international dance scenes.

Stephanie "Mami Juancho" Brown, aka the Fairy of JRDA, entered the world of partner dancing in 2012 after many years of enjoying solo dance classes. Since then, she has trained in a variety of styles with many Australian and international teachers. Partnering with Juan, Steph now has the privilege of sharing her knowledge with students in Perth and Australia.

Teachers, dancers, performers, event organisers.... there is not much this dynamic duo hasn't done... with a vengeance.




This power dance duo have been a firm and beloved fixture in the Perth dance scene for over 5 years now.

He brings his Italian passion and cheekyness with Fernando Sosa Academy moves. Moves so sharp you can cut yourself.

She moves with grace and attitude at the same time and her styling stops male (and some female) hearts.

Both dancers from teenage years, he has been trained in Salsa, Rumba, Bachata and Hip Hop, while she has been trained in Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha, Jazz, Modern, Hip Hop and a range of other styles.

Instructors, choreographers, event promoters, these two multi-talents make sure their classes are pumping with energy.




olivier & kat & morgan

Olivier 2.png



LILIANA sputore

image000000 (1).PNG

Liliana, Lil, The Pocket Rocket of Ritmo Caliente....

Born in Argentina to European parents... She developed a passion for dance, starting with hip hop and club dance before discovering Tango and Salsa, which helped her reconnect with her roots.

To further her training, she travelled the world, and in 2007, she founded Ritmo Caliente Dance Academy, a popular Perth dance school, which teaches Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba. 

She has performed locally and interstate and has developed passion for teaching Mambo, which she learned from the master himself, Eddie Torres.

During her overseas trips, learning from the best in the business, she developed an avid interest in ladies styling. Passion like this for dance does not come often.... nothing describes it better than paraphrasing her sentence that has remained with us here at Perth Summer Sensual:

"When we dance with heart, our bodies become music!"


simon fryda


Simon - our very own Perth Cuban Salsa Teacher & Danza Loca dance studio director. Simon has been a full-time dance teacher since 1989. Over his career spanning 33 years, he has trained under many influential and outstanding teachers including many national and world champions.

He has a deep knowledge in various styles, including Ballroom Latin, Mambo, Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Argentine Tango, Kizomba and Swing. In 2001 he started the Danza Loca dance school which has been holding the wildly popular weekly Salsa Rueda classes at Perth's iconic Mustang Bar since 2008. Thanks to Simon's dedication in teaching, training and his extensive knowledge in Salsa Casino, in 2018, Simon's Danza Loca Team won the Australian Rueda Championship.

danza loca

MORE to come...

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