Almendra y Richie
(Salsa on2 & on1)

Almendra Navarrete / Chilena

Professional ballerina. World Champion of the World Latin Dance Cup 2017, Feminine Soloist category and Salsa On2 category, in addition to being Ultimate Champion with her partner Richie Torres. Since 2014, she has been a podium player in the Female Soloist category at the WLDC.


Richie Torres / Argentino

Professional dancer. In 2016, he won Second Place in the WLDC Salsa On2 category with Almendra Navarrete. In the year 2017 he obtained the first place in the Salsa on2 category in addition to being the Ultimate Champion of the same event.

Subchampions World Salsa Summit 2018 and 2019 Category Salsa On2. Currently both are noted for being dancers and instructors of Afro-Caribbean Rhythms (specialized in Mambo) taking their work to different parts of the world.

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Magda y Valeria
(Bachata Moderna)

Magda and Valeria are superstars of the bachata world. This power-duo couple is breaking the stereotypes of Male-Lead and Female-Follow, where dance becomes a gender-less art of expression. 


Skilled in Bachata Moderna, their workshops are social centric with focused learning on proper leading/following technique.


They want to empower everyone by being the best leads on the social dance floor with special emphasis on musicality, styling and self-confidence.

Make sure not to miss their workshops & special masterclass as this will significantly improve your style, technique and your self-confidence as a dancer.  

Bachata moderna style differs from traditional/ Dominican bachata in a few different ways. It has the same basic steps as traditional bachata but bachata moderna is fused with other styles of dance to add new elements to the dance style. There are influences from salsa, ballroom, tango, zouk-lambada, and even contemporary and dancehall.

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Carlos y Chloe
(Bachata Fusion)

Carlos Redondo and Chloe Loh are a much beloved Bachata couple that unite his European style and her sexy urban flavour.


Dancers, choreographers, teachers and creatives. Initially starting out on their own paths and eventually finding each other through dance

Carlos and Chloe are well-known in the World for their unique fusion style and creativity. Their workshops are full of energy and original moves. Their charisma and social dancing skills make them one of the favourite couples for the crowd. While they continue to pursue multiple projects, their main goal is to share impactful art through dancing that can inspire others to do the same.

Bachata Fusion is a mix of all the Bachata dance styles. It is playful, fun sensual, passionate, elegant, and energetic in the same time.

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Alain y Katerina
(Cuban Salsa)

He is a Cuban French. She is a Russian French. Together they are an incredible mix of Cuban & Russian spirits, dancing mind-blowing Cuban salsa.


Alain is known for his passion to open traditional culture and dances to people interested in culture of his country, and teach them to feel Cuban music a different way.

Katerina is a native talent born in Russia, after learning classics, sport ballet dances and modern jazz she felt in love with Cuban salsa. She has a deep knowledge of afro Cuban culture and Cuban traditional dances. Her trademark is her dancing style, which is full of femininity and sensuality. They feel Cuban music with every little cell of their bodies. They inspire everybody around them and put a spell on any spectator’s sight.

You will never get bored at their classes as this couple makes you explode every single time they get on a stage, due to their energy and positive vibes.

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Jaime Jesus & Mary Grace
(Salsa on1)

This heavenly couple has been blessed with travelling the world to preach their message of Salsa to followers from all continents on earth.


Their high energy, sabor & contagious style of dance has been sought after globally in a joint career that spans over 20 years. Their outgoing, friendly & bubbly personalities make them fun to learn from & be around.


Coupled with the expertise in their craft and their passion for what they do, there is every reason why to experience them and no reason why to miss them. 

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Kiki & Julian

Kiki was born in Miami, where Salsa Music and Dance is a part of life. “Dance what you feel” is what her mother always said, so with her mothers words and her fathers musical skills Kiki tore up the local Salsa clubs from a young age. Kiki teaches Casino (Cuban Style), Bachata and more recently Salsa Moderna (LA Style).

Julian - born in Colombia and raised in Canada, Julian was exposed to the best of both worlds. From a young age, Julian was always dancing thanks to his parents. Julian joined the Araguacu Latin Dance Company in Toronto, where he met Kim and Geo. They introduced him to different dance styles, but the style that stole his heart was Bachata Tradicional. Julian has carried the same motto as his instructors, to find your own flavour, grove and style, to be the best version of you!

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Ayman Kasim

Ayman is one of Australia’s fastest upcoming Bachata instructors. Equiped with a creative understanding of body movement, footwork and musicality gained through intensive training with Argentina’s most renowned Bachata artists such as Jorge Solohaga, Maxi Solis, Ezequiel Garcia and others.

With knowledge in Traditional Dominican Bachata, Sensual Bachata and Bachata Moderna, his unique style incorporates sensual body movement and footwork into an energetic form of bachata fusion. Currently, Ayman and his team are operating and instructing around Australia and internationally. They also operate one of the most successful socials in Adelaide.

Ayman will have you connecting with your dance partner in ways you’ve always wanted to whilst feeling confident with your flow and movement on the dance floor.

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Aloy Junco
(Cuban Salsa)

All you Cuban Salsa fans, brace yourselves...

We are excited to have Aloy Junco CUBANEO as one of our Cuban Salsa artists. This Melbourne based Cubano will blow your mind with his smoooooothness.

He is an alumnus of the National School of Arts in Cuba where he has trained since early childhood. If you look for further credentials...he was the principal dancer in the Havana Night Dance Company as well as in the Cuban National Folkloric Dance Company in Havana, Cuba.

Moving to Melbourne in early 2000s he was influential in creating a vibrant Cuban dance scene by holding classes, workshops and performances. And when he is not burning the dancefloor he runs his two schools Cubaneo in Australia and Cubaneo in Dubai. 

You have to believe us when we say you don't want to miss his classes at the Perth Summer Sensual 2023 Festival .

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DJ's & MC

Juan Ruiz
(Bachata ; MC & DJ)

Juan Ruiz aka "El Bachatero" is a pioneer in the Bachata movement. The Ecuador born, Chicago raised, Sydney based "Godfather of Bachata" brings his unique Bachata Moderna style which he taught and performed all across the globe for 18+ years.

Since 2004, Juan has been a driving force in the development of Bachata in Australia and in the world. Juan is listed as one of the top influencers of Bachata from various sources (Dance Planet Daily, Bachata Babe).

Juan is a successful event organizer (Sydney International Bachata Festival, Byron Latin Fiesta), as well as the director and founder of the popular Latin Dance school Tropical Soul Dance Studio.


Juan is also a famous DJ, going by the name of Dj Super, and in demand MC.

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DJ Mutati requires no introduction. A firm fixture on dance festivals around Australia, this kind soul enriches every festival with his mere presence, let alone with his ability to read his audience and lay up the right tune at the right moment to keep the party going all the way to the end....and sometimes beyond. But lo and behold....this man is also a very gifted dancer and instructor.


Born in Nairobi, Kenya and based in Adelaide, Australia, his journey took him all over the globe, notably to Istanbul where he was trained at the Imu Dance Company. After getting certified by the International Dance Organization, he also fulfilled his life dream and organized the Salsafari festival in Nairobi.


True to his form of being a dance instructor, DJ and festival organizer, this all-rounder is also the organizer of the beloved Adelaide Sensual Weekend.


Mixing his African roots with his musicality and a variety of dance genres Mutati has his own distinct style of Salsa, Bachata, Mambo, Kizomba, Semba, and Tarraxinha, he brings a flavour like no other.

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More artists & DJs to be announced...